Nejc Balantič

 Nejc Balantič, 19-years old student of High School Kranj, deals with photography since his early youth. In the last five years he participated in various competitions with his photos and video products, for which he was rewarded. In year 2010 he started with his solo exibitions and up to now he has already prepared 10 of it.

Nejc photo includes a dynamic composition that follows his narration with respect to the subject. The focus of thematic interest is primarily a man who falls into the lens with personal individualities and unique personality. Each photo of people carries a moment of their life and always reflects part of the story of the world, the author experienced with a view through the lens of the camera.

Nejc says: "Since I remember there has been always camera in the house and my curiosity led me to the secrets of photography. I do not know exactly when I was so taken by photography to live with it. For all that I am thankful to my father who introduced me into photography. "